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What should we pay attention to when using an electric wrench?

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Notes on the use of electric wrenches:
1) Before the tool is powered on, you need to check that the switch is off before inserting.

2) Confirm whether the power supply connected to the site matches the voltage required by the electric wrench and whether there is a leakage protector.

3) Select the matching sleeve according to the size of the nut and install it properly.

4) The voltage is too high or too low should not be used.

5) Do not use Simplified Chinese as a hammering tool.

6) Do not add a set of levers or crowbars to the hand crank and apply force.

7) The metal shell of the electric wrench needs to be reliably grounded.

8) Check the tightening of the mounting screws on the body of the electric wrench. If you find that the screws are loose, you need to tighten them again immediately.

9) Check whether the handles on both sides of the hand-held electric wrench are intact and the installation is firm.

10) Work on a ladder or work at heights should take measures to prevent falling from heights.

11) If the work place is far away from the power source, when the cable needs to be extended, it is necessary to use an extension cable with sufficient capacity and qualified installation.

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