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What to do if the car is covered with snow

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What to do if the car is covered with snow

Don't worry if the car is covered by snow. Start the car first. The purpose is to let the car warm up in advance and at the same time allow the water temperature to rise as soon as possible, which is good for the defogging and icing of the later glass. It is best to have a special snow removal tool. If not, find a cardboard shell (be careful not to scratch the paint), and check if there is a rubber scraper for scraping glass or tiles at home.

Snow accumulates below zero and freezes easily. In severe cases, it will freeze the door and the car windows. Don't pull it hard at this time. Please clear the snow first. Try a few more times or knock on the door below.

After getting in the car, start the car, do not turn on the air conditioning system, because the water temperature has not reached the proper temperature at this time. Hands must be protected, no matter what kind of gloves, they must be worn, otherwise the hands will be easily frostbitten.

The thick snow on the car body can be removed directly with a snow sweeper or a paper shell. Be careful not to touch the car paint as much as possible. Even special tools will cause damage to the paint surface, as long as it is not covered by thick snow. The icing will melt spontaneously.

Do not cover the lighting system with snow, which will affect the lighting system and increase driving hazards, especially in bad weather. The same is true for the car glass. The large area of snow is removed first. The advantage of the cardboard box is that it can push a lot of snow, while the power efficiency of the small scraper is lower.

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