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Zhejiang Export Online Fair 2020 completed successfully (Chile Station - Auto Parts Special Event)


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Zhejiang Export Online Fair 2020 completed successfully (Chile Station - Auto Parts Special Event)

The 5-day zhejiang Export Online Fair 2020 (Chile station - auto parts Fair) ended successfully at 18:00 on July 31, Chile time. This exhibition is sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, organized by Zhejiang Sanbo Exhibition Co., LTD., and co-organized by Chile China Economic and Trade Development Association and Chile (China) Automobile Industry Association. The 5-day exhibition brings a unique online procurement docking feast for overseas buyers, fully displays the advantages of Zhejiang digital economy, and helps zhejiang foreign trade enterprises to catch customers, stabilize orders, promote production, explore overseas markets without leaving home, and publicize the brand image of Zhejiang.

The exhibition attracted more than 40 high-quality suppliers from Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shaoxing and other places to participate in the exhibition. During the exhibition, exhibitors actively upload more than 700 premium products, which involve automobile parts and systems, accessories and automobile repair and maintenance, including various bearings, joints, and filters. Also has the automobile seat cushion, the foot cushion, the automobile paint decoration and so on. The exhibition attracted nearly 300 professional buyers from all over Chile from the auto parts industry to log on the cloud exhibition platform for online exhibition viewing and procurement negotiations.

During the exhibition, the exhibition of some enterprises make full use of the cloud platform display function, at the same time cooperate with Chile local purchaser active time, overcome the domestic with Chile is 12 hours time difference problem, actively participate in the online live band pattern. The participation enterprise live, use a foreign language, seriously on the product, don't waste an opportunity to show buyers for their products, to attract buyers look to the greatest extent.

Cloud platform on the basis of the freedom of buyers through the platform to find suppliers, through the show in front of the supplier's information collection and analysis of buyers purchase intention, and buyers to discuss the application of new submission in the exhibition match according to the requirements of purchaser suitable pairing exhibitors online one-on-one private talks, commodity information more intuitive, direct communication with buyers. The newly added one-to-one accurate matching is carried out in the "private conference room", which helps the two parties to communicate and match in ways other than text, voice and video, so as to improve the exhibition efficiency and effect.

In the midst of the global outbreak, online cloud exhibitions have created a new world for international business negotiations. Through online live cloud exhibition, "cloud" is used to enable enterprises to take orders across the boundary of time and space. Online cloud exhibition has successfully realized online negotiation between exhibitors and buyers without leaving home, which provides new opportunities for foreign trade enterprises to explore the market in the time of international economic downturn.


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