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7 essential tools with the car


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A wrench, like a jack, is a tool to be used when changing a tire. Wrenches are a common tool for mounting and dismounting. It is a hand tool that uses the principle of leverage to unscrew bolts, screws, nuts and other threaded tightening bolts or nuts with openings or sockets in the firmware. Nowadays, new cars are usually equipped with tire wrenches along with the car. When a tire fails, it can be replaced by itself in time.

hand tool


How can you have a spare tire without a jack! The car jack is placed inside the car's toolbox and is used to jack up the body when replacing the spare tire. Car jack has a pneumatic jack, electric jack, hydraulic jack and mechanical jack, generally commonly used is the hydraulic and mechanical jack. The use of mechanical jacks with the vehicle, must be aligned with the vehicle force position.

Hitching line

In the summer we turn off the engine more like in the car with the air conditioning, audio, etc., and this consumes a lot of power, if the car battery happens to be used for a long time, but also happens not often open, the phenomenon of failure to start the fire is very normal. The car hitch is when the vehicle is not powered to start, use it to start through the battery of another vehicle. It should be noted that the two vehicles should not have any contact, and the electronic systems of the two vehicles should have the same voltage.

Car starting power

I believe that many friends have also encountered the car out of power this situation, at this time, if you can not find a second car to help power, the general result is to call the rescue. Calling rescue and waiting for rescue will take a lot of time. If the car is equipped with car emergency starter power will be good. Car starter power is a kind of car battery, when the power is depleted or insufficient power, "car starter power" can help the battery to start the vehicle. It can also be used for quick charging. It is an indispensable accessory for the car.

Towing rope

Tow rope is the most direct rescue tool on the spot, no matter what kind of environment or what level of model, should be prepared in the trunk of a set. Towing rope should choose the color eye-catching, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, etc.. It should also be noted that the car in trouble is best driven by an experienced driver, so that you can better respond to emergencies.

Fire extinguisher

Car fire extinguisher is a very important tool in the car, but many car owners are not equipped with fire extinguishers for their cars, until the time of danger will not be able to help. If the fire extinguisher pointer in the "refill" area, that the gas pressure in the tank is lower than the normal use of pressure; if in the "super-fill", it means that the normal use of pressure, there are two situations, remember to replace the fire extinguisher.

Strong flashlight

Flashlight is a very useful tool, at night when you need to check the vehicle or find something, the flashlight will help a lot. Daytime inspection of the vehicle is sometimes used, such as the lower part of the cabin, suspension parts or the interior corners, even in the daytime is difficult to see clearly, if you need to check these parts have a flashlight to help will be much easier. Can be charged directly in the car flashlight will be better, do not consider the problem of battery replacement, environmental protection and good use. In the outdoor activities, it is best to buy a brightness of 100 lumens or more, outdoor and car are enough to use.

Spare tire

Spare tire is usually hung on the back of the car or put in the trunk of the car, you may not use the tire for life. But the spare tire is very important to the use of the car, especially for high-speed long-distance travel, in order to avoid the impact of the journey, must pay attention to the spare tire as a replacement player. As a car owner, you must have a general understanding of the spare tire, in case you need to use the spare tire, so as not to be overwhelmed.


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