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Electric drill classification and role of the difference between the introduction


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1, hand drill: the smallest power, the use of the scope is limited to drilling wood and when an electric cone with, part of the hand drill can be changed into a special tool according to the use, use and more models.

2, impact drill: impact drill impact mechanism has two kinds of dog teeth and ball type. Ball impact drill consists of a moving disk, fixed disk, steel balls, etc.. The moving disk is connected to the spindle through threads and has 12 steel balls; the fixed disk is fixed to the housing using pins and has 4 steel balls. Under the action of thrust, the 12 steel balls roll along the 4 steel balls, so that the carbide drill bit produces a rotary impact movement, which can drill holes in brittle materials such as bricks, blocks and concrete. Disengage the pins so that the fixed disk rotates with the moving disk without producing impact, and it can be used as an ordinary electric drill.

3, Hammer drill (electric hammer): It can drill holes in a variety of hard materials and has the widest range of use.

The price of these three kinds of electric drills from low to high, the function also increased, the choice needs to be combined with their respective scope of application and requirements.

The electric hand drill is just a single rely on the motor to drive the transmission gear to increase the force of the rotation of the drill bit, so that the drill bit in metal, wood and other materials to do scraping form holes.

The impact drill works with an adjustment knob at the drill chuck, adjustable drill and impact drill in two ways. But the impact drill is the use of the gears on the inner shaft jumping against each other to achieve the impact effect, the impact force is far less than the electric hammer. It can also drill steel and concrete, but the effect is not good.

Hammer drill (electric hammer) is different, it is the use of the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structure, one set to achieve it drill, while the other set drives the piston, as if the engine hydraulic stroke, to produce a strong impact, accompanied by the effect of drilling. The force can crack the stone and divide the gold.

Electric pickaxe is to let the motor drive the throwing weight to do the bouncing form of operation, so that the pickaxe has the effect of producing chiseling to hit the ground. The hydraulic pump pick uses the gas pressure transmitted by the air compressor to drive the pump hammer in the electric pick to bounce back and forth, thus producing the effect of the pick chiseling the ground, but the electric pick only chisels, its pick does not rotate.

In short, the electric drill can only drill alone, and the impact drill can drill and have a slight hammering effect. A hammer drill can drill and hammer higher, while a pickaxe can only hammer and not drill.

electric drill


1, Construction and industry

Widely used in building beams, slabs, columns, walls and other reinforcement, decoration, wall installation, brackets, railings, billboards, outdoor units of air conditioners, rails, satellite receivers elevators, steel structure plants and other installation.

2, Medical applications

Dentistry:At the beginning of the 20th century, wall-mounted triple-curved arm dental drill appeared, its speed reached 4000r/min, some even up to 10000r/min speed, we are still widely used rope wheel drive triple-curved arm dental drill machine is its derivative.

Otology:Julius Lempert, the father of modern otology, pioneered the use of the electric drill for ear surgery in New York in 1938 to treat chronic ear disease and reduce the incidence of facial nerve injury. However, the electric drills of the time were difficult to control and very noisy. Modern electric and pneumatic drills have greatly increased their speed and enhanced their cutting capabilities. The use of rapid cutting drills, diamond bits and flush-suction systems have enabled otologists to perform precise surgical dissections quickly and greatly reduce operative time.



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