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Electric screwdriver purchase elements and precautions for use(1)


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Home maintenance chores, a large part of it is related to screwing, the use of matching tools to maintain can save time, half the effort, most families in the past will be prepared with a set of various types of screwdrivers.

However, traditional sets of screwdrivers are often too many, and need a large storage box with a more tidy storage of a variety of a word mouth, cross mouth, square, hexagonal screwdrivers.

And in recent years, the emergence of electric screwdrivers, the use of a handle body and multiple models of screwdriver head way, more space-saving tools.

Electric screwdrivers screwing function more people to deal with household maintenance work to save a lot of things, but also got a lot of family favor.

A suitable electric screwdriver, in the home furnishing home of small renovations do not even need to find someone to help, a person can also handle the maintenance of household chores. The electric screwdriver of your own home also bought more than a year, from time to time you can use it to deal with some of their own home maintenance, by the way, talk to you about the purchase of electric screwdrivers elements and the idea of using electric drills matters.

power tool

Types of power tools

Common types of power toolsare divided into four main types, respectively, electric screwdrivers, drilling drills, impact drills, electric hammer.

Electric screwdrivers, as the name implies, are used for screwing, with less effort.

Drilling electric drill and impact drill in can punch holes at the same time are also basically integrated screwing function, impact drill is also more suitable for drilling holes in tile, concrete.

Electric hammer is generally larger, less used at home, the installation of air conditioning after the opening of most of the holes are handled with an electric hammer.

Electric screwdriver can be said to be the most basic function of the tool, the same brand handheld impact drill or professional-grade impact drill will generally cover the main features of its electric screwdriver.

However, from the price point and the use of portability, electric screwdrivers are still the most worthy of most families to buy and use that category, the next few points are also discussed around the small electric screwdriver.

Rated voltage

The rated voltage of electric screwdrivers is generally 3.6 V, some electric screwdrivers can reach a maximum voltage of 4 V. Simply put, the greater the rated voltage of the drill, the greater the power that can be exerted relatively speaking.



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