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How many kinds of common household electric drills are there?


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Electric drill is a drilling machine powered by electricity, is a conventional product in the power tools, but also the largest demand for power tools products. Now there are a variety of electric drills on the market, a variety of fancy brands to dazzle people, so many consumers do not know where to start. How to buy the right home electric drill? What are the common classifications of home electric drills? The next step is to take a look at it with me.

impact drill

What kinds of common household electric drills?

Electric drill can be distinguished into 3 categories: hand drill, impact drill, hammer drill.

1, hand drill: the smallest power, the use of the scope is limited to drilling wood and as an electric cone.

The hand drill only has a rotating method and is especially suitable for drilling holes in materials that require very little force, such as cork, metal, brick, tile, etc. The electric drill only relies on the motor alone to drive the transmission gear to increase the force of the drill's rotation, so that the drill bit can do scraping form holes in metal, wood and other materials.

2, impact drill: can drill wood, iron and brick drilling, but can not drill concrete, some impact drills on the instructions can drill concrete, in fact, is not feasible, but for drilling tile and brick outer layer of very thin cement is absolutely no problem.

Impact drills rely on rotation and impact to work on natural stone or concrete. The impact drill works with an adjustment knob at the drill chuck, adjustable in two ways: ordinary hand drill and impact drill, so it has both the function of ordinary hand drill and can also drill reinforced concrete like an electric hammer, just not as effective.

3, hammer drill (electric hammer): can drill holes in any material, the widest range of use.

Electric hammers rely on rotation and pounding to work with very high individual pounding forces and have a pounding frequency of 1,000 to 3,000 per minute to produce significant force. Compared to impact drills, electric hammers require minimal pressure to drill into hard materials such as stone and concrete, especially relatively hard concrete.

These 3 kinds of electric drill prices are arranged from low to high, the function also increased, how to choose the specific, need to combine their respective scope of application and requirements.


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