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How to choose a home humidifier?


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Many people have such a misconception about humidifiers: humidifiers can increase the water content in the air, but also bring a lot of airborne bacteria impurities, which can damage human health.

A few years ago there must have been many people have bought affordable humidifiers, but feel that this thing is not at all useful, advertising and marketing said what to relieve skin, dry throat did not feel at all. Before I understood the humidifier, I myself felt the same way.

In fact, this misunderstanding is right, a few years ago the humidifier is indeed no half of the bacteria, impurities inhibit and solve the role, and now with the winter climate is getting drier and drier, summer open air conditioning is too stuffy, the humidifier market is getting bigger and bigger, they rolled up with each other, only gradually let us understand the original market there is such a magical humidifier.

The reason for using the humidifier without feeling may be that you buy a humidifier humidification volume is too small, and your use of space on the right, or you may buy a product too chicken, completely different from the effect you want to achieve. Be forewarned, humidifiers must not use tap water!

Buy a humidifier must see the indicators

Want to buy a humidifier, these indicators must be carefully look at.

1, humidification volume

Represents the amount of mist delivered to the air per hour, used to measure the humidification capacity. But humidification is not the larger the better, normally the room below 20 square feet to choose 300-500ml / h, 20-50 square feet to choose 500-1200ml / h is enough, put the living room for the whole family can choose 1600ml / h.

2、Humidification mode

Ultrasonic, electric heating, vaporization type. Limited budget recommended ordinary ultrasonic. The pursuit of health choice vaporization type, the use of molecular sieve evaporation technology and the use of water curtain to wash the air, the elderly, pregnant women, children and other people with weak resistance is better

Air Humidifier Machine

3、Extra power

That is, the normal work of electrical products power, power humidifier it will be stronger humidification, the corresponding power consumption will also be larger

4, water tank capacity

The larger the water tank, the more water storage, the corresponding humidification time can be longer. Of course, humidification time is too long is also bad, to reach a certain humidity can be closed. Recommended bedroom selection 3-4L, living room selection more than 4L, the office environment can choose 2L.



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