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Illustration of the types of electric drill bits(1)


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For some people, the ability to use power tools is innate. For others, it is likely to be a slow learning curve. For example, there are so many drills, bits and accessories on the market that it would be an understatement to say that you can get a degree in all of them by understanding their functional uses...

The impact drill is an electric tool used to drill holes in brick, block and light wall materials, mainly by rotating and cutting, but also by relying on the impact mechanism of the operator's thrust to produce impact.

Impact drills are generally made of adjustable structure. When adjusted to the rotating non-impact position, it can drill holes in metal with an ordinary twist bit; when adjusted to the rotating impact position, it can drill holes in brittle materials such as masonry and concrete with a carbide bit.

The use of impact drill can greatly improve the work efficiency, and its work in the laying of indoor lines and other work has been widely used.

But it's not impossible to get really familiar with them and use them properly, after all, it's not a course like studying rockets. Here are some important basics that will help you find the right product for your DIY or even professional needs.

hand drill

Illustration of the types of drill bits, Which drill bit should I use?

Twistor Spiral Drill Bit

The most common twist drill bit has an angle of 118 degrees and is mainly used for wood and metal. For softer materials, such as plastics, you will need a sharper angle, such as 90 degrees, so that the bit can grip the material rather than slide across the surface. Rotary or spiral bits are a common choice for everyday drilling.


Spade bits are typically used to drill large, neat holes in wood. They have a flat or pointed spade-like appearance and can cut deep, wide holes in wood. Spade bits are great for building furniture at home or for DIY solutions.

Masonry Bit 

Masonry bits are designed to drill into brick, block, stone, tile or concrete. They are suitable for most types of wall materials and are designed to minimize breakage and debris. The main advantage of masonry bits is that they provide a clear, neatly drilled hole in the surface, making masonry bits ideal for those holes that need to be left in the wall.

Woodworking Drill Bits (WoodBit)

As the name implies, woodworking bits are used to drill wood. They don't grab or tear the wood as much as other bits, so they can drill a sharper hole.



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