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Illustration of the types of electric drill bits(2)


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Use a PaintMixer Attachment in conjunction with a paint stirrer

If you want to do a lot of DIY paint work at home, you can buy a PaintMixer Attachment to use with your electric drill and save yourself the work of mixing paint with your bare hands.

Flat Wing Bits (ForstnerDrill Bits)

Flat-wing drill bits are used to make smooth-edged holes in furniture and woodworking jobs. They are very handy and professional woodworkers often use them for furniture or woodworking jobs.


PlugCutters are nifty little bits that help hide screws used in furniture. It is like a one-sided cutout for screw connections commonly used in IKEA. This drill is a great thing for the novice who likes furniture design, less visible screw holes and can make your furniture look very complete.

What to do to protect the drill bit

Most drill bits come with a tough plastic box packaging, so it's best to keep your bits in their original packaging. If there is no reusable outer packaging, you can simply store them in a general tool box.

You can purchase sharpening drills and extra spare bits at any hardware store. They will also be able to help you if your drill needs a maintenance check.

A drill is one of the essential items in your home tool kit, and in many cases can even be the answer to a pressing need. There is a wide range of special drills, bits, accessories and other products available from brands such as Makita.

impact drill

How to use electric drills safely

Safety first in everything. To learn how to use any power tool, first make sure you tie your hair up or wear a hat. Make sure to take off any jewelry and be careful of loose zippers or buttons on your clothes.

It is also recommended that you wear safety glasses to prevent any possible splashing debris from damaging your eyes. Not just for those professionals, these are just one of the basic safety measures.

Corded drills

Corded drills tend to be more powerful and reliable than corded drills and are often used for heavier projects. Corded drills are often kept in garages or dedicated work areas where they don't need to be moved around as often.

Also, corded drills tend to be a little cheaper than cordless drills, but are not convenient for use at home.

Cordless drills

The main advantage of cordless drills is that you can use freedom of movement anywhere in and around the house. You can get into tight spaces, such as roof areas, without being bothered by wires. Cordless drills are great for small furniture repairs or assembly.



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