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Inventory of the use of hand tools in the process of accident causes and prevention methods


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In the modern family, each household will have a set or scattered practical several hand tools. In the process of manual use, there are often people because of carelessness and do not understand the use of methods leading to their own hands or those around them. What are the causes and prevention methods that cause accidents in the process of hand tools?

hand tool

How to prevent injuries from the use of hand tools

There are many reasons for accidents caused by injuries in the use of hand tools. The first may be due to injuries caused directly by hand tools, such as in the process of using hand tools, tools out of control fly out, or the user's body because of the tool out of control and lost balance, resulting in injuries to the surrounding people; the second may be too sharp hand tools, the user does not pay attention in the process of using, thus being cut by the edge of the tool and burrs; the third may be in the process of working The third possibility is that during the work process, some flying chips are generated and splashed on the user or people around; finally, there is a possibility of electrocution due to the conductivity of the hand tools.

In order to avoid the occurrence of these injuries in the use of hand tools, the first thing the user must do is to choose the hand tools suitable for the work needs, usually after the use of tools should be the main maintenance, can not be arbitrarily discarded; secondly, to buy good quality hand tools, poor quality hand tools in the use of the process is prone to damage and thus hurt the user; again, it is recommended that the user in the use of hand tools before Check to make sure the tool is not damaged before use; understand the correct usage of the tool is also very important; finally, the tool should be used in a suitable working environment, if possible to wear appropriate protective equipment for themselves.

The use of hand tools is very simple, but it is because of the simplicity, so users are often careless and ignore many dangers, causing injury to themselves and others in the process of use. It is not worthwhile to take things lightly at any time, and it is important to keep in mind the precautions to be taken before and after the use of post-motion tools.



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