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Is it necessary to buy a wireless charger and its purchase points


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Wired fast charging can quickly replenish the power of your phone anytime and anywhere, but on a slow-paced desktop, the relatively bulky wireless charger has a better charging experience than wired fast charging. The wireless charging is obviously more suitable for this desktop fragmentation charging scenario by getting rid of the charging cable and putting it on/off with you. As for the charging speed, if you want to work on the desktop for 8 hours, who cares too much whether the fast charging can save 30 minutes?

In fact, not only the desktop, like the car, bedside these similar slow-paced scenarios, more suitable charging method should also be wireless charging, rather than wired fast charging, unless, you are really anxious to fill the phone with 50% of the power within 30 minutes so that the phone does not shut down with no power.

Wired fast charging is a blessing in disguise, wireless charging is the icing on the cake. So, the question of "do I need wireless charging" ultimately depends on: do I need to improve my desktop/bedside/car charging experience outside of wired fast charging?

wireless charger

How to buy a wireless charger for cell phones?

1、Recognize the standard

Wireless charging currently has two mainstream international industry standards. One is the Wireless Charging Consortium (WPC) Ql standard, the other is AirFuelAlliance, these two standards for wireless charging product performance, technical parameters, compatibility, security, etc. to make uniform provisions, with strict certification standards.

2, try to choose more than 10W power

As the technology becomes more mature, more and more people pursue charging speed, buy a high-powered wireless charging, future software system upgrades can also be used all the time. It is recommended that when you buy wireless charging devices, try to choose a wireless charger with a power of 10W or more.

3, conversion efficiency to be high, charging speed to be fast

Wireless chargers have a conversion efficiency problem, the current cell phone wireless charger conversion efficiency more in 60%-80%. Under the same conditions, the higher the efficiency, the faster the charging speed. However, efficiency is not the only factor that determines the charging speed. Some manufacturers with strong technical capabilities to improve chip performance, optimize the program design, adjust the current output so that the speed of wireless charging comparable to or even exceed the speed of wired charging.

4, wireless charger temperature must be controlled

Wireless charging process will have a certain amount of power loss, this part of the power converted to heat will keep the phone and wireless charger warm, high-quality wireless charger can control the temperature below 40 ℃, touch warm, belongs to the normal range. And has a temperature control function, in the temperature is too high when the automatic power off.

5, choose a large factory, professional brand

Wireless charger principle seems to be simple, but the performance is a big deal, not only there are differences in charging efficiency, charging speed, charging temperature, but also induction sensitivity, stability, safety, durability, overload.

Stability, security, durability, overvoltage protection, foreign body detection and other performance differences. Low-priced products can also have the basic wireless charging function, but the performance and quality is much worse, the charging experience is greatly reduced, the use period is also relatively short, the damage to the phone is relatively large, and there are even certain security risks.


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