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Precautions for the use of hand tools(2)


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(3) Hand pliers

Hand pliers are special tools used to hold the workpiece or scissors workpiece, the jaws are not fixed, the surface of the jaws have serrated teeth and shear edge, so also called clip shear. Another kind of hand pliers for electricians, mainly for cutting wire.

Do not use the hand pliers as a wrench, cutting wire short head, in order to prevent flying out of the short head injury, the short head should be towards the ground, the operator should wear goggles; electrician hand pliers handle must be added to the insulating sleeve.

(4) hammer

Hammer is the main hitting tool, consisting of hammer head and hammer handle, hammer head material is mostly 45 steel. According to the different workpiece to be hit, the hammer head is also useful for lead, copper, rubber, plastic or wood made of soft hammer. The weight of the hammer should be adapted to the workpiece, the material and the role for, too heavy and too light will be unsafe. Therefore, in order to safety, the use of hammer, must be the correct choice of hammer and master the speed when striking.

When using hand hammer, pay attention to the hammer head and hammer handle connection must be solid, a little loose should immediately add wedge fastening or replace the hammer handle. Hammer handle length must be moderate, the appropriate length is hand-held hammer head, the length of the forearm and the length of the hand hammer; in the need for smaller striking force can be used hand swing method, in the need for stronger striking force, it is appropriate to use the arm swing method; using the arm swing method should pay attention to the arc of the movement of the hammer head, hand hammer handle should not be contaminated by grease.

hand tool

When using a sledgehammer should pay attention to the following points:

hammer head and handle connection must be solid, where the hammer head and hammer handle loose, hammer handle has split and cracked absolutely can not be used. Hammer head and hammer handle if the mounting hole with wedge, to metal wedge is good, the length of the wedge should not be greater than the mounting hole depth of 2 / 3.

② In order to have some elasticity when striking, the middle of the handle against the top should be slightly narrower than the end.

③ when using the sledgehammer, must pay attention to the front and rear, left and right, up and down, in the sledgehammer range of motion is strictly prohibited to stand people, not allowed to use the sledgehammer and small hammer hit each other.

④ hammer head is not allowed to quench, not allowed to have cracks and burrs, found that the flying edge of the rolled thorns should be promptly trimmed.


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