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What are the precautions to take when using a fascial gun?


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In fact, in recent years, as people's living standards improve, health awareness is also getting stronger. Including the concept of consumption has also changed a lot, take visiting friends and relatives, most of them used to send some food and drink gifts for daily living, but now people are more willing to invest in health, both family and personal. According to the relevant e-commerce survey data show that health products or health-related derivative products in the past three years in a large online shopping platform has been firmly in the top five, and the share continues to go up each year. Electric home footbath massage basin, massage instrument and other net popular products is the product of this background, of course, fascia gun is no exception.

The following is a summary of the correct use of the fascia gun and some common sense for reference.

Use different massage heads for different positions, and strike with appropriate force according to the direction of the body muscles. Do not hit too long in the same position, move slowly wandering with a certain thrust. The same part of the total length of multiple use 3-5 minutes is appropriate, and according to the muscle texture in different locations wandering. Generally no need to exert too much external pressure, soreness is kept at 6-8 minutes of sensation.

Note: The joints of the body are important and sensitive parts, the fascial gun is mainly used for muscle soft tissue relaxation, used to hit the joints is not much effect, and easy to cause joint damage. The head, thin muscle parts and armpits, lower abdomen, important organs and aorta parts of the lumbar fossa, neck, etc., these locations should not use the fascial gun impact. The head, the side of the neck, the side of the collarbone, the armpits and the inner side of the large arms, the bony projections, and the knees and their surroundings are not suitable for the use of the fascial gun.

For the neck, you can use the U-shaped head for massage. Avoid the spine and focus on the vertical spinal muscles on both sides of the spine, moving up and down slowly and in a circular motion. The thighs can be hit on the front and back of the thighs, while the calves are mainly relaxed on the back and outer sides. Move slowly and wander around repeatedly.

Striking laterally along the shoulder, moving slowly back and forth. The scapular lift area, which is connected to the shoulder and neck, is a thicker muscle and can also be struck. Vertical strikes are prone to injury, so the fascial gun should be tilted to massage the muscle area while avoiding striking, the bone. The arms then follow the muscle texture and move up and down to strike, avoiding the joint areas. Move slowly and wander repeatedly.

If you are massaging your own lower back, using the reverse grip of the fascia gun allows you to perform a striking massage. Move from the spinal position to the sides, slowly and repeatedly. Here too, it is important to avoid vertical strokes to avoid hitting the spine. The gluteus is mainly relaxed gluteus medius can be, in the side of the hip against the upper side of the position, press the easy concave place, fixed strikes gluteus medius and nearby, light pressure.


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