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What is the significance of wireless charging


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What is the practical significance of wireless charging of cell phones? How do you guys look at this problem, the following is the editor to answer this question, wireless charging principle: wireless charging is the use of electromagnetic induction principle we learned in junior high school, generally speaking it mainly requires two coils, one in the wireless charger under the phone, one with a power outlet, the other placed inside the phone, when the current through the coil of the wireless charger, when the current through the magnetic field generated and because of the AC current, the charger coil can produce a magnetic field that constantly changes direction, at which point the phone inside the coil feels this change in the peripheral magnetic field, followed by a rectifier that converts the induced AC power into DC power for charging. Wireless charging can be accomplished by simply transferring the DC power to the battery of the cell phone.

Wireless charging applications: Wireless charging is becoming more and more popular in cell phone conferences, starting from Samsung to Apple and then to national brands, wireless charging is gradually becoming the highlight of their cell phones and even wireless charging peripherals with relatively high prices, but it has become a kind of existence that I can't afford, but you can't live without. In fact, this also shows that wireless charging technology is gradually mature and gradually reduce costs, people can experience the fun and convenience brought by wireless charging.

wireless charger

Wireless charging disadvantages: Of course, the most criticized wireless charging is the turtle speed charging speed, as well as the power loss due to not ideal space environment, as well as the wireless charging disk is expensive and can not be popular.

Future wireless charging application scenarios: In the future, wireless charging should not be limited to placing cell phones in a fixed position on the wireless charging plate for charging, if it is added to the smart home, the wireless charging device is installed on the table or balcony so that users can charge as needed, using fragmentation.

Charging can then be done, and this is a way to change lives: of course the ultimate meaning of wireless charging is that people can sit at home and their phones can be charged anywhere, anytime. Energous, announced some information about wireless technology that allows two devices to receive wireless charging at the same time without any cable between the charging device and the device being within 15 feet of each other, so we can even imagine that When such a device is popular, don't worry when the charging port is eliminated, it can make the phone thinner and lighter, and the flexible screen can also play a more effective role. Of course, wireless charging technology is not only applicable to cell phones, and wireless charging for electric vehicles is also evolving. The above is my personal opinion, only for your reference, if you have different views please comment below the comments, we will discuss and exchange together, thank you.


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