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Advantageous features of pet reflective undershirts


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Pet reflective undershirt surface is attached with high brightness reflective heat post or sewn reflective lattice, reflective cloth reflective strips, etc., encountering light irradiation can produce retro-reflection, so that the driver a hundred meters away from seeing small animals, can effectively avoid traffic accidents due to the night light problem, and can help the owner to find the location of lost beloved pets. So, it is very necessary to prepare a reflective pet undershirt for your pet.

Pet exercise benefits

Pet experts recommend that owners should usually take their dogs out for exercise two to three times a day if possible, and at least once a day if reluctantly, to ensure that they get enough exercise.

Walking your pet has many benefits for your dog's physical and mental health. Adequate exercise not only keeps your dog healthy, prevents obesity and prolongs their life span, but also eliminates tension and depression in your dog and keeps them energetic and responsive. Also, it is worth mentioning that the dog will be more loyal to those who diligently take him for a walk, and through walking, the owner can become more affectionate with the dog.

Reflective Vest

The safety risks of walking your pet at night

According to statistics, around cars, roads to be crossed and gardens with more exits are dangerous areas that dog lovers need to pay extra attention to when walking their dogs. Because of the many vehicles, low light and other reasons, coupled with the fact that pets generally do not have a strong sense of security, it is difficult for drivers to see their small figures at a distance, so puppies are prone to encounter some traffic accidents when walking at night. In addition, the owner walks the dog, the dog is easily driven by curiosity to run to some secluded nooks and crannies, especially some puppies, and even ignore the owner's call, it is easy to get lost. Anxious owners will have a very difficult time finding them in low visibility.

Advantageous features

First, the undershirt surface reflective hot post, reflective lattice, reflective cloth reflective strip for high brightness reflective material, with high visibility, environmental protection, flame retardant and good aging resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, washability and other characteristics.

Second, the undershirt is made of high-quality low-stretch silk fabric, with good breathability, comfortable to wear, soft luster, beautiful and durable.

Third, the pet undershirt style beautiful and generous, colorful, easy to wear, according to the requirements of the pet clothing design, printing, production, so that pets travel more safe, stylish.


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