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Rope jump rope or no rope jump rope?


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Bathed in the spring breeze of technology, a common jump rope exercise, also become noble, fashion. Not only can electronic counting, there is an exclusive APP and even rope skipping rope. A host of extraordinary rope appeared, how to choose the jump rope? Let us do a comparative analysis will come to a conclusion.

First of all, what is the difference of rope and no rope?

From the objective aspect, jump rope movement mainly depends on the quality of people to complete the movement. It can be said that any combination of exercise and tools, will not directly affect the final effect of your fitness, in the final analysis, is related to the quality of fitness you complete.

Cordless skipping rope is also a product that just appeared within the last few years, from the long-term market survey results, the cordless skipping rope by some people's welcome, mainly in the following aspects.

1, the use of rope skipping rope even in a particularly small space do not have to worry about running into obstacles, activities will not be restricted.

2, at home with cordless jump rope, no rope and ground friction, jump rope when the movement is not large, do not worry about the noise problem.

jump rope

3, for people with poor body coordination, rope skipping rope is simply a gospel. Poor body coordination, hands and feet can not be synchronized, jump rope has been tripping rope, simply do not feel the fun of jumping rope, and it is also difficult to adhere to. With no rope jump rope will no longer worry about the problem of tripping rope, and will also be happy. In fact, no rope jump rope is jump rope handle with a 4 short rope, connected to a counterweight, it can give a little jump rope shaking rope feeling, in addition, and empty jump no difference.

From the exercise effect, jump rope can train the upper and lower body coordination, no rope jump rope basically can not do this. Because there is no rope, will not feel the jump low, the knee will reduce the bend, basically there will be no upper and lower limbs with the problem. In general, no rope jump rope to exercise body coordination is not much help.

Whether rope or no rope, the biggest difference between them, mainly in the mode of the sportsman, jump rope, can be more effective to exercise the user's coordination, but also can make people more skilled control of the body. On the contrary, no rope jump rope, can ensure a stable exercise frequency, midway will not appear due to trip rope and cause a break in the exercise frequency, in contrast, no rope consumed energy is indeed less than with rope.

Although the amount of exercise without rope jump rope than with rope, but it is very suitable for some users who love home exercise. In the home environment, rope exercise is not only more dangerous, but also will make more noise, affecting the quiet of other people in the room. In contrast, no rope on the space does not require, and do not need to worry about the impact with the neighbors downstairs.


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