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The must-have portable mug for pets


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If your pup is your plus one to all your favorite activities, you’ve probably realized how inconvenient human water bottles are for dogs. All scenarios lead to major water loss or dog slobber in your drinking vessel. We reached the conclusion that our pups needed their own dog-specific water carriers—which is why dog water bottles and travel bowls are so handy.

Dog-specific bottles and portable bowls are great for hikes, beach trips, and other outdoor activities with your dog. They’re an especially good idea for the summer months, when when heat stroke and dehydration become very real risks. But anyone who likes to hike with their dog knows how important it is to make sure you’re both well-hydrated in any season—and we think you’ll find yourself bringing your dog’s water with you everywhere they go.

Read on to learn how to choose a dog water bottle or travel bowl, and see our suggestions for the best of both!

 Dog Bowls

Dog Water Bottle, Travel Bowl, or Both?

There are a lot of dog water devices on the market, and different designs can be a little better suited to different activities.

Bottle-style carriers typically include a water canister with a small connected bowl that you’ll hold for your pup—picture a thermos with a flip top. They’re great for hiking, beach adventures, and dog park visits (where setting a bowl down can be an invitation to anyone who wants some).

Travel bowls are a little more multipurpose; they can hold food or water, and you fill them from a separate supply. They collapse flat for easy storage, and most are phenomenally lightweight. If you’re a hiker who counts every ounce in your pack, a travel bowl is the way to go. They’re also nice if you regularly feed on the go or do a lot of traveling with your pup. The only downside? You’ll need to pack an extra water supply (or have a fountain or spigot available).

Of course, you might want both. I carry a water bottle in my backpack during outings on foot and keep a travel bowl in the trunk of my car for road trips and beyond.

Best Dog Water Bottles and Travel Bowls

With these dog water bottles and travel bowls, your dog will stay hydrated wherever you go, from the park to the car and beyond.

Best for Camping: Highwave AudoDogMug

Touted as a “one-handed hydration system,” this 20-ounce dog water bottle and bowl combo fits in any standard car cupholder. It’s a more durable, dishwasher-safe take on Malsipree bottle: just squeeze the base to deliver water to the attached bowl, then release to allow the excess water to run back into the bottle. Its only downside is that it’s a little less bag friendly—leaks can happen, and if your dog isn’t a tidy drinker, you may get a bit wet. But its larger volume and sturdier frame make it an excellent outdoor option for camping or hitting the beach.


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