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Things to consider when buying a pet mug


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We all spend hours comparing various dog foods and their impacts on health. Similarly, we also ensure that we are getting the right clothes, vet services, even toys.  However, we do tend to forget about one essential aspect of our dog’s nutrition and well-being – water.

Don't expect your dog to drink from a straw, invest in a good dog water bottle.

Hydration is just as vital for our little buddies as it is for us humans. Nonetheless, when you are out for a walk, playing or traveling, it can get a bit challenging to keep your canine hydrated. So, in this article, we will introduce the best water bottles for dogs so they can be healthy and full of energy all the time.

Benefits of proper hydration

Water is the major constituent of healthy cells, and as a result your dog’s body weight is roughly 70% water. Without water, your dog’s body just does not function properly.

Water is also a major component of blood. As a result, it assists in the removal of wastes from individual cells as well as the overall body through urination and bowel movements.

Proper hydration aids in nutrient absorption and healthy digestion.

Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans and need water to maintain an average temperature.Especially during summers when it’s evaporated during panting or sweating.

pet bottle

Can Dogs Drink From Water Bottles?

Most dog water water bottles either have an attached container that acts like a bowl.  Dogs simply lap up the water as they would do at home.  The other type of water bottle comes complete with a stainless steel nozzle that contains small balls.

The dog licks the balls and the water is released.  The best way to get a dog interested in drinking from this type of bottle is to dab the nozzle with something such as peanut butter, beef broth or their favorite flavor.  They will like the end to get the treat and the water will flow.

What to consider when buying a dog water bottle


The water bottles of course come in various material options such as plastic, steel etc. You can choose whatever will make more sense for your dog’s needs and their lifestyle. However, do make sure that the material is BPA-free and is not a hazard for your dog’s health.


This decision is majorly governed by the size of your pet. If you have a smaller dog, it wouldn’t make too much sense to get a large bottle which is challenging to carry.


You must make sure that the bottle does not have too many small pieces as that can be a choking hazard for your dog and also be a challenge to clean up.

Purchasing a bottle brush makes sense as it is sometimes difficult to get a small mouth bottle clean by simply rinsing.

Built in water filter –

There aren’t too many options with this particular feature but it does make sense to invest in one if your dog has problems staying hydrated. This is due to that fact that the water will become better tasting and hence provide a better experience for your dog.


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